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Letter to the Editor: Stockings in summer - fashion sins vs. cultural snobbery

Dear Editor,

I really enjoyed your article on nylons in summer ["Nylons in summer: An accepted fashion sin," by Sharon Otterman, Culture Shock, Vol. 5 No. 23, June 14-20] because it was very true. I wonder very often why women wear sandals when the weather doesn't allow it. Yesterday when I was in town I saw many young women like that [wearing stockings with sandals]. Sometimes it seems to me that they either don't have a mirror at home, or they forget how old they really are. In most cases it is a combination of both.

I would like to thank you for the excellent article and your excellent remarks. I will always think of your article when I see a women wearing sandals and stockings.


Ján Svrček

Monique Zelenay

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