Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Re: Culture Shock: Nylons in summer an accepted fashion sin

Sharon Otterman's article just goes to show that she expects Slovak women to follow the American trend in fashion and taste. It may come as a surprise to Miss Otterman, but for some time there have been no new set fashions, as we had in the past for example with flared trousers and platform shoes or some of the 80's styles. Instead, we have had only repeats and variations on past trends, making fashion a very chaotic field these days, with people wearing just what they like and feel comfortable in. How many people really care these days what is 'in fashion'?

Why therefore does Miss Otterman criticize the taste of Slovak women and expect patronisingly that one day these women might regret what they used to wear and should (by inference) dress as western Europeans or Americans?

Does she know, for example, how badly dressed many British women are, or how overweight Americans as a nation are? How about considering some of the trendy western fashions for women, for example nose rings and piercing. Do these really look better?

Having travelled widely, I think that Slovak women not only have a better dress sense and wear smarter clothes than richer western women, they are also more beautiful. Perhaps this ridiculous picking at short skirts, open sandals, stockings etc. is just a sign of jealousy. Given a choice between something unfeminine like Doc. Marten boots, a long skirt and a T-shirt or a woman wearing sandals, stockings and a short skirt, I know what I find more attractive!

After all, as the British/ American saying goes, 'If you've got it, flaunt it.'

Conrad Riepl
Banská Bystrica

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