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Art Spotlight

Igor Korpaczewski's "Dark Rose" (1991) can be seen at the Czech Centre.
photo: Courtesy of Czech Centre


Galleries and MuseumsBibiana-- 'Contemporary Slovak Illustration, Drawings from Children's Books'. Various drawings from children's literature. Ends June 27. Panská 41. Open daily except Mon., 10:00-18:00.

The Czech Centre-- 'Igor Korpaczewski'. The exhibition presents paintings of human heads by this Czech artist, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Art in Prague and Vienna, now living in Prague. Ends June 30.Nam. SNP 12, open Mon.-Fri., 10:00-18:00 daily.

Medium Gallery--'Adolf Frohner - First People-First Love-First Death'. This gallery, run by the Academy of Fine Arts, introduces contemporary works by a well-known Austrian painter. Organised in co -operation with the Austrian Culture Centre. Ends July 27. Hviezdoslavovo námestie 18, Tel.: 54 43 53 34, open Mon.-Fri., 10:00-17:00, Sat. 10:00-16:00.

Michalský dvor Gallery 1-- 'Katarína Kemenyová'. The gallery, known for its presentations of the best of the Czech and Slovak art scene, introduces a Slovak painter and her abstract paintings. Ends June 27. Michalská 3, Tel.: 54 41 10 79. Open daily except Mon., 13:00-17:00.

"Light and Space Object"by Oliver Leššo, in a special show at the Slovak National Museum.
photo: Courtesy of Slovak National Museum

Národné osvetové centrum--'Salon of European Caricatures'. Organised by the Slovak Union of Caricaturists and supported by the Ministry of Culture, the international exhibition features 200 humorous and serious drawings from around the world. One part of the exhibition is devoted to work by Ronald Libin, the director of the Federation of European Caricature Organisations. Ends June 30. Nám. SNP 12. Open daily except Mon. 10:00-18:00.

Slovak National Gallery-- 'Miloš Alexander Bazovský 1899-1968'. Paintings and drawings by Bazovský, an important name in 20th century Slovak modernism. Ends September 19. 'Paris Bordone: The Portrait of the Lord'. A masterpiece by Tizian's student Paris Bordone (1500-1571) has been restored by Nora Hebertová. From June 24. Esterházy Palace, Nám. Ľ. Štúra 4, Tel. 54 43 20 81. Open Tues.-Sun., 10:00-18:00.


Profil Gallery--'The Salon of the Unclassified'. The gallery presents the art of young Bratislava photographers. Ends July 4. Prepoštská 4. Open Tue.-Sun., 13:00-18:00.


City Museum-- 'Bratislava 1848-1918',. The exhibition is organised on behalf of the 130th anniversary of the founding of the City Museum of Bratislava. Temporary exhibition. Primaciálne námestie 3, Tel.: 54 43 47 42. Open daily except Mon, 10:00-17:00.

Slovak National Museum-- 'The Space - Light and Glass ', Zimná záhrada SNM (The Winter Garden of Museum), Múzejná Street, Tel.. 59 34 91 41. Open 9:00-17:00.

In a rare honour for an artist so young, glass designer Oliver Leššo, a recent graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, is showing his decorative and innovative work in a one-man show at the Slovak National Museum.

Displayed inside the Slovak National Museum's Winter Garden, the 26-year-old's translucent designs stand as a testament to his young talent. The works, which range from architecturally-inspired glass filament constructions reminiscent of bee's honeycombs, to more practical objects of every day use, seem to merit a place amongst the venerable and respected works which surround it in the gallery.

Leššo majored in glass design at the Fine Arts Academy, studying within a program known as "Glass in Architecture." In the collection, he experiments with coloured glass, clear glass, techniques of engraving and glass jewellery.

In addition to this show, last year in June, Leššo presented his work among that of 20 other Slovak contemporary glass artists at a London exhibition entitled the "Mystery of Discovered Space". Leššo also exhibited his work at the London "Plateaux" gallery of furniture and other design. Some of his works have also been offered at auction at Christie's.

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