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Letter to the Editor: Rusko should lose his media soapbox

Dear Editor,

[Markíza TV General Director] Pavol Rusko has stated that his life is separate from that of the Ukrainian underworld known as the "The Syndicate." However, as Štefan Hríb so vividly points out [Press Digest, Vol. 5 No. 23, June 14-20], his connections are still alive and well.

However, this is not my main point. During the Presidential elections Rudolf Schuster was championed by Markíza and Rusko personally. This earned Markíza a 250,000 Slovak crown fine for breaching TV regulations. Rusko is unfortunately no different from Vladimír Mečiar - they have both told lies, however Rusko can repeat his a million times on TV so that everyone comes to believe them.

It is time Mr. Rusko was starved of the oxegen of publicity and the government began to think the unthinkable and pushed Markíza and its management into their rightful position, that of a neutral, independent, objective television station instead of a voice for Mr. Schuster's SOP party.

Name and address withheld by request

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