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Dzurinda: Tax inspectors should be more just, brave, and active

Slovak Prime Minister Mikuláš Dzurinda made a special appeal to top representatives of the Central Tax Directorate (UDR) and district tax bureaus that they should tell their employees "not to be afraid to knock at any door," in their quest to get people to pay up.

The speech was made in an effort to spur the tax collection bureau to action, so that the entire burden of the government austerity package will not lay on the shoulders of honest citizens, but also those who have been "stealing, privatising and channelling away funds," the prime minister said.

Dzurinda stressed that it is especially important to compare the property statements and tax returns of the newly rich with the actual property and taxes they have paid. Loopholes in the tax legislation, problems with tax administration, and suggestions to resolve the problems were also discussed.

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