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3rd International Slovak Antique Car Rally: 500 Slovak Kilometres

This 1930 Brougham Kissel White Eagle is the only one of its kind.
photo: Courtesy: Veteran Car Club Bratislava

3rd International Slovak Antique Car Rally: 500 Slovak Kilometres

The "Veteran Car Club Bratislava - Rusovce" invites all to watch the 3rd International antique car rally from June 8-12 around Slovakia. The non-competitive "race" is registered by the international organisation of antique cars FIVA and is classified in the top category of car rallies by Veteran Car Club Bratislava as well as by the Classic Car Club of Košice, the Classic Car Club Bojnice and ŽSR, the Slovak rail company.
From June 8-12, the rally drivers will complete a 500 km route which will cross over mountains and through the towns and villages of all of Slovakia. The start as well as the finish of the race will be attended by important names of political and cultural life in Slovakia, as it has been in previous years.
One hundred and four cars including a 1914 Opel and a 1977 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow will be driven by professional drivers and old car fans from Slovakia as well as foreign countries such as Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, the USA and Great Britain.
On June 8, all cars will be transferred by special 1930's secession style train from Bratislava to Košice where they will be exhibited in the centre of town the next day. The event will begin in earnest on June 10, as drivers high-tail it from Košice to Detva. The second leg of the event starts on June 11 and will span from Detva to Bojnice. The next day, the last leg of the trip will speed from Bojnice to Bratislava where cars should arrive between 16:00 and 18:00 at the Main Square and will be parked in front of Hotel Kyjev. For more information about the event, call Tel.: 07-377 602.

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