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Slovak and Czech Interior Ministers on trans-border cooperation

Slovak Interior Minister Ladislav Pittner and his Czech counterpart, Václav Grulich, signed an agreement on easing the conditions for customs clearance between Slovakia and the Czech Republic on May 24 in the Slovak capital.

Pittner said at a news conference following the signing that the document was designed to simplify and speed up the process of customs clearance for passengers and goods. The moment the agreement comes into force, the work of border police authorities performing checks at the border should improve. The agreement will take effect after approval by the parliaments of both countries.

At their third meeting, the ministers also covered the issue of making the archives of the former state Communist secret service (ŠTB) available to the public. Pittner said that Slovak citizens who were citizens of the former Czechoslovak Federation should be entitled to access their files in the ŠTB archives. Grulich said that the Czech Republic is preparing to declassify these archives, but that the matter is still being studied.

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