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Schuster visits first new-born of 2002
Avalanche in Veľká Fatra kills sleeping tourist
No injuries in US Steel Košice explosion

Schuster visits first new-born of 2002

PRESIDENT Rudolf Schuster visited the first baby born in Slovakia in 2002, Lukáš Tubler, at the Ružinov hospital in Bratislava on January 2. During the meeting, Schuster said that he hoped the child would not grow up to join the ranks of unemployed Slovaks.
Schuster said that he believed Lukáš and his peers would grow up in a better Slovakia than today, where unemployment is nearly 20 per cent. He also gave Lukas a 'presidential gift' of Sk10,000 ($208)

Avalanche in Veľká Fatra kills sleeping tourist

AN AVALANCHE in the central Slovak village Turecka crashed into a hotel and buried sleeping tourists at 3:00 on December 30. Two people were injured, one died.
The avalanche was one of five that day on Sturec hill. On an international grading system of one to five, the region was declared in a state of fourth degree avalanche emergency.
Residents of the nearby village Rybo were evacuated; residents of the village Turecka were warned that they may too be evacuated.

No injuries in US Steel Košice explosion

A PIPELINE transporting gas exploded at steel maker US Steel Košice at 23:22 on January 6. The explosion was visible for kilometres around.
Nobody was reported hurt in the blast, said US Steel Košice spokesman Jozef Marko. The operation of the damaged furnace was immediately halted and the facility was disconnected from the gas distribution system, he said.
The company has begun an investigation to determine the cause of the blast.
Just one month before, on December 7, a furnace for converting crude iron into steel also exploded at US Steel, leaving two people with minor injuries.

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