Reader Feedback:Mr Thomson was right

First of all my thanks to Robert Thomson ("Guiltily grateful for Slovakia's doctors" by Robert Thomson, Culture Shock, Vol. 7, No.49, December 24 - January 13) for taking the time to graciously write the article. I am a physician who received training in the former Czechoslovakia. After emigrating to the US in 1968 and taking the compulsory Foreign Medical Graduate's tests, I had a long and successful medical career there. Never did I feel that my medical knowledge, gained here at Comenius University in Bratislava, was in any way inferior.

As a matter of fact not long ago on US television on a show (I don't think it was the Charlie Rose show, but something of that calibre) there was mention about the good quality of foreign medical graduates in the American health care system.

In the Reader Feedback (Vol. 8, No.1, January 14 - 20), I have to disagree with Mr Oravec finding it surprising that the New York family physician was called and consulted. I think that this is a completely normal and common practise. I myself still get calls even here in Bratislava from former patients in the US, for consultations and opinions. To have a child get ill far from home in a foreign country on a long holiday weekend is a nightmare!

Anyway: I'm very happy the child did well, I'm glad the family had a good experience regarding Slovak physicians and I'm very grateful to Mr Thomson for writing an article that will be highly appreciated by the Slovak medical community and surely by the expats living here who are having to face problems of this kind probably quite often.

Viera Kirilcuk M.D.

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