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Cattle market needs government help

THE DEMAND for cattle and its sales are "very weak" again and the market cannot be revitalised without urgent government intervention, said Stanislav Nemec, spokesman for the Slovak Agriculture and Food Chamber (SPPK), last week. The State Market Regulation Fund intervened twice last year but SPPK has already requested Agriculture Minister Pavol Koncoš to intervene for a third time.

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In praise of concrete

It was once notorious for its drab tower blocks and urban crime, but Petržalka now epitomises modern Slovakia.

Petržalka is the epitome of communist-era architecture.

Safari under High Tatras Video

Marek Stolarčík from Kežmarok filmed unique video.

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Slow down, fashion

Most people are unaware that buying too many clothes too harms the environment.

In shallow waters, experts are expendable

Mihál says that it is Sulík, the man whom his political opponents mocked for having a calculator for a brain, who “is pulling the party out of liberal waters and towards somewhere completely different”.

Richard Sulík is a man of slang.