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Quotes of the Week

"I asked my fellow member of parliament Peter Muránsky, who is a biologist, whether similarly sexually queer practices existed among bugs. He said clearly that bug society would marginalise such individuals in order to stop the bug species from dying out."

MP Víťazoslav Moric arguing in parliament against a bill that would give homosexual partnerships the same status as marriages

"We're not economists, we're idiots."

PSNS Chairman Ján Slota regretting tax breaks for to foreign firms

"Didn't I shout enough?"

Brigita Schmögnerová on her anti-corruption record

Top stories

North-south gas interconnection moves closer

Slovak gas projects will receive finances from the European Union.

The gas pipeline operator Eustream is the biggest taxpayer in Slovakia.

Stopping extremism before it starts

Schools in Slovakia must do a better job of developing their students’ critical thinking skills from an early age, US envoy says.

Danko’s popularity keeps falling

The SNS chair suffers mostly because of the controversial military promotion and his following actions.

Lack of qualified labour needs to be addressed

After visiting carmaker PSA in Trnava, PM Fico says that people do not want to work even for more than €1,300.

PSA Groupe Slovakai in Trnava