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CLASSICAL MUSIC: Valentine's Concert. Slovak Symphonic Orchestra, led by Czech Otakar Trhlík featuring Japanese soprano singer Nao Higano performing Czech, Slovak and French composers.
Starts: Feb 14 at 19:30. Tickets: Sk80- 120, Slovenský rozhlas, Mýtna 1. Tel: 02/57273111

LIVE MUSIC: Kroko & DoNoWa. Bratislava big-beat and blues-rock bands rock the Aligátor underground pub.
Starts: Feb 14 at 21:00 Admission: free. Aligátor, Laurinská 7. Tel: 02/5441-8611.

LIVE MUSIC: St. Valentine's Blues-Dance Party. One of Europe's most acclaimed harmonica players Boboš plays with The Frozen Dozen electric blues band.
Starts: Feb 14 at 20:00. Tickets: Sk100-120. Klub za zrkadlom, Rovniankova 3. Tel: 02/6381-1328.

LIVE CONCERT: Music from Mars. A concert by Slovak rock bands.
Starts: Feb 15 at 19:00. Tickets: Sk80-100. Dom kultúry Lúky, Vígľašská 1. Tel: 02/6382-3930.

CLASSICAL CONCERT: Sunday Matinee. Brass Quartet I Fiati - flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon - perform works by Giacomo Rossini, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Jean Francaix.
Starts: Feb 17 at 10:30 Tickets: Sk40. Galéria mesta Bratislavy - Mirbachov palác, Františkánske nám. 11. Tel: 02/54431556.

EXHIBITION: Bird-Fish-Animal-Man. Hans Christian Thomsen - 42 oil paintings on canvas.
Open daily except Mon 10:00-17:00 until March 31. Admission: Sk60, Galéria mesta Bratislavy, Pálffyho palác, Panenská 19. Tel: 02/5443-3627

EXHIBITION: Man Ray - Photographs. Philadelphia native Ray uses his unique photographic technique - placing objects directly on sensitive photo-film.
Open daily except Mon 10:00-17:00 until March 31. Admission: Sk60, Galéria mesta Bratislavy, Pálffyho palác, Panenská 19. Tel: 02/5443-3627

EXHIBITION: Threads, Don't Go Crazy. Adriana Kabelová exhibits embroidered evening dresses and fashion accessories.
Open Mon-Fri 11:00-18:00 until February 28. Admission: free Dizajn štúdio ÚĽUV, Dobrovičova 13. Tel: 02/ 5296-4153


LIVE MUSIC: Subtempo. Zlá strava (Obraz nás/Nitra). Young hip-hop groups from Nitra.
Starts: Feb 12 at 20:00. Tickets: Sk20-40. Subterra - Staré divadlo, Ulica 7. pešieho pluku, Nitra. Tel: 0907/981-454,

OPERETA: Bellarosa. Love, humour and elegance interlace in the work by the town's local composer Mikuláš Schneider Trnavský.
Starts: Feb 15 at 19:00. Tickets: Sk80-100. Trnavské divadlo, Trojičné nám. 2, Trnava. Tel: 033/5511-353(4).

EXHIBITION: Table Setting. Works of young architect Stano Masár (1971), presenting conceptual creations of his virtual studio.
Open Tue-Fri 9:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 13:00-18:00. Admission: Sk10-20, Synagóga - Centrum súčasného umenia, Halenarská 2, Trnava. Tel: 033/5514-657

EXHIBITION: The Art of Engraving on Wood. Fifty-five pieces of art with folk motifs by woodcutter Miroslav Semančík.
Open daily except Mon 10:00-17:00. Admission: Sk-10 Galéria slovenského naivného umenia, Mierové nám. 22, Trenčín. Tel: 032/7442-245.


LIVE MUSIC: Laura a její tygři (Laura and Her Tigers). The Czech band plays an energetic mix of rock, rhythm and blues, funk, salsa, soul and jazz.
Starts: Feb 15 at 20:00. Tickets: Sk90. Guru Clubland, Kuzmányho 6, Žilina. Tel: 041/5626-465.

MUSICAL: Gypsy Roots. Dance tragicomedy capturing the current lives of the Roma with traditional Gypsy music by former Yugoslav composer Goran Bregović.
Starts: Feb 13 at 18:30. Tickets: Sk100-120. Štátna opera (State Opera), Národná 11. Banská Bystrica. Tel: 048/ 4124-418.

EXHIBITION: Jaroslav Kubička - Drawings from 2001. In 65 pencil drawings, the sculptor and painter Kubička groups architectural objects and female figures grouped in fantasy forms.
Open daily 10:00-17:00 until March 31. Admission: Sk10-20 Výstavná sieň Župného domu, Oravská galeria, Hviezdoslavovo nám. 11, Dolný Kubín. Tel: 043/586-3212

EXHIBITION: Contemporary Design. Students at the wood and furniture faculty of the Zvolen Technical University exhibit their art.
Open daily Mon-Fri 8:00-15:00 until February 28. Admission: free CMK Rubigall, Nám. Svätej Trojice 3, Banská Štiavnica. Tel.: 045/6911-731.


BALLET: Giselle by Adolphe Charles Adam. This famously romantic work, where reality meets fantasy, tells the story of unfulfilled and unhappy love.
Starts: Feb 13 at 19:00. Tickets: Sk80-160, Štátne divadlo (State Theatre), Hlavná 58, Košice. Tel: 055/6221-231.

THEATER: Gypsy Baron. Waltz by Johan Strauss depicts the love story between two young people in a Gypsy camp.
Starts: Feb 12 at 19:00. Tickets: Sk100-120, Divadlo Jonáša Záborského, Nám. Legionárov 6, Prešov. Tel: 051/7725-764

EXHIBITION: Eva Tkáčiková - Graphic works. Relations between a mother and child
Open Tue-Fri 8:00-17:00, Sat 9:00-13:00, Sun 14:00-18:00 until March 3. Šarišská galéria, Hlavná 51. Prešov. Tel: 051/7725-423.

EXHIBITION: Art of the 20th century. The exhibition presents collections of drawings and graphic works from the 1970s and 1990s.
Open Tue, Wed, Fri 8:00-17:00, Thu 8:00-18:00, Sat 9:00-13:00 and Sun 14:00-18:00 until March 3. Admission Sk20. Šarišská galéria, Hlavná 51, Prešov. Tel: 051/7725-423

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