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UN Envoy for Kosovo Kukan to meet Kofi Annan

Slovak Foreign Minister and UN special envoy for the Kosovo crisis Eduard Kukan was scheduled to meet UN Secretary General Kofi Annan May 13 in Geneva to consult about his mission to bring an end to the Yugoslav crisis. The head of Slovak diplomacy will also discuss the particularities of his new post at an upcoming meeting with UN Security Council members in New York.

Annan officially appointed Kukan to the post last Friday along with former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt. The envoys are expected to assist Annan in cooperation with the G8 countries and all the directly involved nations to resolve the Yugoslavian crisis. In an interview, Kukan stressed that he does not understand his appointment as merely an honor, but also a challenge to demonstrate enough diplomatic skill, for any consensus at the UN Security Council can be reached only through the agreement of all the permanent Security Council members.

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