Between 120 and 150 Kosovo refugees to arrive in May

A plane carrying between 120 and 150 refugees from the Yugoslav province of Kosovo was due to arrive in Slovakia by the end of April, Jan Michalko from the Interior Ministry said Monday, April 26.

The Albanian Kosovars will be housed on the Slovak Technical University premises at Gabcikovo, where 500 beds have been made available due to an agreement between the Interior Ministry and the university. Another 150 beds are earmarked for the refugees at a refugee camp in Adamovo.

In other humanitarian efforts, the first plane carrying humanitarian aid for Kosovo refugees was to take off from Bratislava airport on April 29 bound for Macedonia. Its donated cargo was to consist of 12 tents and 350 rugs, a gift from the Interior Ministry to the Macedonian refugee camps of ethnic Albanians who fled Yugoslavia.

Slovakia's Foreign Ministry State Secretary Jan Figel is to accompany the flightand use the occasion to meet Macedonian officials, the Interior Ministry reported.

The Slovak cabinet has allocated 40 million crowns to house, feed, and provide health care for refugees who come to Slovakia. Michalko specified that the Slovak aid chiefly will go to women with children and orphans. Slovakia is also to provide an additional 4.5 million crowns in humanitarian aid to refugees from Kosovo housed elsewhere.

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