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Prvá Komunálna Banka with total assets exceeding 20 billion crowns

The total assets of Prvá Komunálna Banka, a.s., Žilina (PKB) exceeded 20 billion Slovak crowns ($490 million) at the end of 1998, compared to 16.07 billion crowns one year before. Last year the bank netted 186.66 million crowns, up from 165.09 million crowns in 1997. The bank released this information on April 19.

Capital adequacy improved from 9.55% in 1997 to 10.82% last year. Return on total assets climbed from 12.48% in 1997 to 14.05%.

The volume of loans provided to clients last year swelled 23% to 7.73 billion crowns, making up 2.06% of the total loans in the Slovak banking sector. PKB's credit portfolio consists of loans for municipalities and business entities. Loans to municipalities currently constitute more than half of the 2,000 loans in PKB's portfolio.

Primary deposits grew from 9.6 billion crowns in 1997 to 11.94 billion crowns last year, representing about 60% of the bank's total assets. PKB's share of primary deposits in the sector was 2.8%.

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