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Bratislava protests against NATO strikes continue daily

About 200 Slovak citizens expressed disagreement with the NATO air strikes against Yugoslavia at a protest meeting in front of the US Embassy in Bratislava on April 3.

One hundred and fifty more gathered on Easter Sunday evening. On both occasions, they also rang bells or protested in front of the German, British, and French embassies and in front of the European Union Embassy in Bratislava.

The demonstrations are being organized by Zmena, a weekly newspaper. They will continue daily at about 5 p.m. until the NATO bombing strikes stop, organizers said.

The protestors are condemning not only the bombing, but also Slovakia's decision to allow NATO aircraft to fly over Slovak territory. According to the participants, the Slovak governing coalition uses all possible means to stifle any negative sentiments regarding the NATO alliance. The group especially protests how strikes are hitting some non-military targets such as schools, hospitals, and businesses.

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