Bratislava to have new public transportation tariff system

Bratislava is going to have a more complex tariff system for public transportation as of January 2000, which officials say will make travelling on buses, trams, and trolley buses cheaper for people travelling short distances, and more expensive for those travelling further.

The new tickets will vary in price depending on both how far and how long you travel. One-time use tickets, for example, will vary in price depending on how long they are valid for, with a 10-minute ticket for 5 Sk, a 30-minute ticket for 10 Sk, and a 1 hour ticket for 15 Sk. During the period of time the ticket is valid, the traveller can go on as many different trams, buses, or trolleys as he likes.

Monthly tickets will be priced by distance, with most destinations near the city center covered by the two-zone ticket (310 Sk for adults, 250 Sk for students and other reduced fares). For travel to the far reaches of the city, a monthly ticket will cost 375 Sk.

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