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SDK expels Duračka and wants him to give up his mandate

Slovak Democratic Coalition (SDK) leadership expelled its deputy Peter Duračka at its sitting on Monday, March 1. Duračka caused embarassment to the party a few days earlier by driving drunk, causing a car accident, physically attacking a cabdriver, and then verbally insulting the police who came to the scene.

The SDK leadership also appealed to Duračka to give up his seat in the national Parliament and the city parliament.

Officials of Duračka's mother party, the Democratic Union, also appealed to him to give up his mandate. DU officials said the way Duračka treated the police and his arrogant statements showed remarkably poor judgement.

SDK deputy faction head Roman Kováč suggested that Duračka, if he is "an honestman who made a mistake," should "act honestly" and give up his mandate. Kováč expressed his regret that it was the DU that nominated Duračka for Parliament.

While Duračka said he will not rule out stepping down, he had a different version of the story. He said that it was the cabdriver who attacked him and that the whole affair was exaggerated to discredit him. Media suggested that Duračka, who is also blasted for owning a 40 million Sk home, has had continuous conflicts with the police for drunk driving.

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