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US Senator introduces motion to allow Slovakia into NATO

United States Representative John L. Mica introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives on March 3 asking the U.S. Congress to include the Republic of Slovakia in the next round of admission to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Thirty-one of the 435 members of the House joined him in his resolution.

"With new leadership and new reforms instituted, the Republic of Slovakia has proven the maturity and stability of its democracy. It's critical that we now recognise the advances that Slovakia has made and include them in the NATO alliance," he said in a press release.

While the resolution is not binding, it expresses the sense of its supporters that the expansion of NATO to include the Slovak Republic would benefit the security and peace of Europe and encourages the extension of an invitation for Slovakia to join the alliance at the earliest possible opportunity, Mica said.

Mica is of Slovak origin and has supported Slovakia in Washington on other occasions.

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