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Jealous husband shoots at wife
Ministry of Agriculture target of bomb threat
Petrol station robbery
Eagles begin annual "engagement flights"
Polish truck-drivers car-jacked
Water from creeks floods houses
Beer-drugging-related robbery

Jealous husband shoots at wife

A 35-year-old Bosnian man fired a gun at his Slovak wife on March 1 while she stood outside of their apartment on Hraničná Street.
The shooting followed an argument in which the man accused his wife of committing adultery. After the argument, the wife left the apartment, at which time the jealous husband took his legally licensed pistol and began firing shots at her from the balcony. The woman was not injured and the man was arrested. The case is now being investigated by Bratislava police.

Ministry of Agriculture target of bomb threat

The headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture received a bomb threat shortly after 18:30 on February 26. The ministry, located on Dobrovičova Street in Bratislava, had to be evacuated after an anonymous caller alleged that a bomb had been placed on the premises. Citing an on-going investigation, police have refused to release any further information.

Žiar nad Hronom
Petrol station robbery

A man who hadn't bothered to load his gun before beginning his robbery stole 121,940 Sk ($3,050) from a Tamoil Petrol Station in Žiar nad Hronom (Banská Bystrica region) in the early morning of February 27.
Ivan Vytúrek, the Banská Bystrica regional police officer on duty at the time of the robbery, said that the man had drawn an unloaded pistol and proceeded to load it in front of a 22-year-old Tamoil employee while ordering him to surrender all banknotes from the register. The perpetrator then instructed the employee to lie on the floor, at which time he left the scene of the crime in a car which eye-witnesses were unable to describe.
The station employee described the robber as being 180 cm, slim and moustached with an elongated face. He also said that the man had been dressed in a white sport jacket with a dark cap and dark glasses.
A 25-year-old Tamoil employee had also been on duty at the time. However, he was in the toilet during the armed robbery and was not, therefore, aware of the heist until after the culprit had fled.

Staré Hory
Eagles begin annual "engagement flights"

Eagles in the Veľká Fatra have been sighted practising their annual "engagement flights", said Miroslav Šaniga, a bird expert from the Staré Hory research station of the Slovak Academy of Science Forest Ecology Institute.
Šaniga explained that the eagles, who select one mate for their entire life span, "renew their marriage vows" every year in the early spring by performing the ritualistic flight.
During the flight, the couple flies close together while maintaining the same degree of separation until one of the eagles rises and then "swoops headlong into the partner". At the moment of impact, the "attacked eagle" turns around, enabling the couple to join claws.
The flights last throughout March and into April, when the ceremony "terminates in torrid mating rituals," said Šaniga. Shortly thereafter, the female lays two eggs and roosts upon them for forty days. The eggs hatch in May and leave the nest for the first time in July.
Šaniga said that while the female incubates the eggs, the male provides food for her and occasionally takes his turn at the roost.
There are currently fifty pairs of such eagles in Slovakia. Their rituals were delayed by ten days this year due to snowy and windy conditions in the mountain regions of Slovakia. They can be spotted in the Low and High Tatras and the Veľká and Malá Fatras.

Banská Bystrica
Polish truck-drivers car-jacked

Four men dressed in "either police, military police, or customs officers uniforms" car-jacked a Polish-owned truck filled with 750,000 Sk worth of textiles in broad daylight on a road in the Krupina District of the Banská Bystrica Region on February 28.
According to the testimony of the two drivers, the car-jackers gestured for the truck to stop, then approached. One carried a gun which he fired into the air. The two Polish men were then ordered out of the truck. While the driver instantly obeyed, the co-driver hesitated and was subsequently pulled out forcefully. The drivers were then pushed into a white Škoda Felicia station wagon and were driven to a warehouse some fifteen kilometres away by two of the thieves. The two other thieves then made off with the truck, worth 50,000 DEM, and the loot.
The drivers were locked in the warehouse by the thieves, but they managed to escape and locate the police. The case is currently being investigated by the Banská Bystrica police force.

Water from creeks floods houses

A state of emergency was announced in Poprad March 3 because water from flooded creeks is spilling into the basements of houses in the area. The situation is very serious in the parts of the city adjoining Velkický Creek, where ice barriers are redirecting the flow of water towards inhabited parts of the town, head of Poprad district authority Milan Baran said.
The ice barriers cannot be blasted because there are houses in the vicinity, officials said.
Poprad deployed its heavy equipment to remove the ice. On Wednesday the district emergency commission turned to all organizations having heavy equipment to help.
It is impossible to estimate damages at this time, Baran stated.

Beer-drugging-related robbery

On February 28, a 25-year-old man with a criminal record and an unknown accomplice poured an unidentified "sleeping liquid" into the beer of a 39-year-old man sitting in the Riviera restaurant in Košice.
When the victim became drowsy, the perpetrators took him to his flat, the location of which they had already identified. As the man lay there senseless, the two thieves then proceeded to steal electronic devises worth 17,000 Sk.
Police caught the 25-year-old man, but his accomplice is still on the loose.

Compiled by Chris Togneri
from TASR and press reports.

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