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KOVO union urges FNM to review Martinmetal sale contract

The KOVO trade union has turned to the national privatization agency, the FNM, to scrutinise the terms of a contract for sale of the shares of the engineering company Martinmetal, KOVO Chairman Emil Machyna said on February 22.

Martinmetal belongs to a group of ailing machinery companies in the northern Slovak region of Žilina. The firm's employees have not received wages for December and January.

The company's representatives say that Martinmetal has orders and clients but lacks finances to carry on producing. The company supplies firms like ZŤS TEES Martin, ZŤS Trstená, Vagónka Poprad and other machinery companies with forging and casting products.

Machyna said the unionists would file a complaint about the competence of Martinmetal management with the Finance Ministry's Economic Crime Unit. The unionists have also sent a request to the government, the Economy Ministry and parliament to devise a clear economy policy that will address the current situation in the Žilina region and attract foreign capital.

Machyna said that the metalworkers union is going to turn to other trade unions to jointly put pressure on employers in high unemployment regions of the country.

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