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Letter to the Editor: More English immersion needed

Dear Sir,

I was extremely pleased to have found something concerning teaching English in Letters to the Editor. Mr. Shichman's letter ( Vol.5,No.6, February 14-20) described things very well, I think. I am not a qualified teacher, but I have studied English in Britain for two years and so I know a little about this field.

Here in Slovakia, one can easily find students who have been studying English in a state school for quite a few years but whose ability to use the language in a real situation is rather poor. Yes, teaching English is very demanding and probably a great deal should be changed at about the way instruction is delivered. I would suggest more spoken English in the classroom instead of switching into Slovak every two minutes. It might be better if students were more isolated in a totally English speaking environment. Unfortunately, even many Slovak teachers of English do not have the experience of being completely surrounded by native speakers of the language and having to rely on their English only.

Marián Martišek

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