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Mečiar attack of journalist refuted as hoax


HZDS Member of Parliament Miroslav Maxon claimed that former premier Vladimír Mečiar did not attack any journalists after the funeral of Ján Ducký. At a press conference on Monday, February 8, Maxon stated, "After the funeral of murdered former economy minister Ján Ducký on January 15, 1999, the Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS) chairman Vladimír Mečiar did not attack any of the journalists present," adding that "two authentic filmed recordings" of the alleged event confirm Mečiar's innocence.

The films, according to Maxon, prove that Mečiar did not use any vulgar expressions nor attack anyone. He concluded by stating that Mečiar is prepared to use "all legal tools" to show that the presentation of the incident by the media was "not based on truth".

Mečiar has been accused of physically and verbally attacking Vladimír Mišauer, a Czech TV Prima reporter. A video of the incident was shown on private TV Markíza the day of the incident and photographs were captured by the ČTK Czech press agency.

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