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Letter to the Editor: Bugár choice one-sided, The Slovak Spectator paid by George Soroš

Dear Sir,

I don't believe my eyes - how can you write so one-sided? You picked [Vice Chairman of Parliament and Hungarian Party Chairman Béla] Bugár as Man of the Year? [Vol. 4, No. 32, "Man of the Year 1998 Béla Bugár: Hatred inherited from Mečiar era," By Slavomír Danko and Tom Nicholson]. Who pays your salary? It must be [international Hungarian-born financier George] Söröš.

I have visited Slovakia over 20 times since 1948, and believe me, the Hungarians are the enemies of the Slovak nation and its people, especialy Mr. Bugár, with his words and deeds. He is a chauvinist and an arrogant one. I am deeply disgusted with your selection of the Man of the Year! I heard Mr.Bugár many times on TV. It was sickening. I do not want to go into details, but when I go to Slovakia next year, I definitely would love to talk to you.

By the way, I have lived in the US for 45 years, and English is the language of the land. You got it ?

Joseph Ferkovic,
Harper Woods, Michigan, USA

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