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Quotes of the Week

"The court has decided the matter, and it's inappropriate for anyone to suggest the decision was influenced by dirty tactics."

Pavol Rusko, co-owner of TV Markíza, reacting to a Supreme Court decision February 15 upholding Markíza's argument that new TV station JOJ should not have been issued a broadcast frequency.

"This is absurd! One moment the court delivers the verdict, and two days later the judge reverses her own decision. This clearly stinks of pressure, and we know where it came from."

Pavol Rusko following a February 20 Supreme Court verdict overturning its earlier position and allowing JOJ to launch March 2.

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Lack of qualified labour needs to be addressed

After visiting carmaker PSA in Trnava, PM Fico says that people do not want to work even for more than €1,300.

PSA Groupe Slovakai in Trnava

Febiofest is a chance to see festival winners and foreign guests Photo

Febiofest, in its 24th year, shows mostly Slovak films, of which nine, including the Cristal Bear winner from Berlinale, The Little Harbour, will be premiered here. All the 11 films shown in the Slovak Film Country…

Drive Your Plough Over the Bones of the Dead by Agnieszka Holland

Largest companies that help search for job or employees

Not only well-known names placed in the list of the 10 largest employment agencies in Slovakia.

Amazon will deliver packages for free

Orders have to exceed €39 to be eligible.