Reader feedback: Notes on gall

Dear Editor,

I would like to recommend the "Letter from America" in the latest issue of Newsweek (Feb. 25) to Fred Nicholson ["Americans no better than Slovaks with the bottle," Reader Feedback, Vol. 8 No. 7, February 25 - March 3]. He may find the following part of it relevant: "It must be galling - no pun intended - to realise that an entire war was waged and won by a country whose citizens probably still can't confidently locate Afghanistan on a map or, for that matter, Belgium."

Fred asked which Pretoria Don Merritt is from ["Reducing boozing a big job," Reader Feedback, Vol. 8 No. 6, February 18 - 24] The answer is the dual capital of the Republic of South Africa, hence, Don was comparing Slovakia (with some 20 per cent unemployed) with South Africa (with some 30 per cent unemployed), not to the US.

Affluent, drunken South Africans will do the same as their American counterparts, but in South Africa one is not allowed to drink in public (we sometimes see someone carrying a can with an old newspaper wound around it).

As obvious as this is regarding the contents of that can, it is even more obvious that in South Africa open drunkenness is, by and large, not tolerated.

Jana Jezova
South Africa

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