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Justice Minister to book ineffective judges

JUSTICE Minister Ján Čarnogurský has put together a list of 30 regional judges with the lowest productivity rates.

Čarnogurský revealed the names to regional chief justices on March 4 and requested all case files that these judges are responsible for be placed under investigation.

Unlike his cabinet colleague Health Minister Roman Kováč, who recently faced criticism for publishing a top 10 list of doctors who last year prescribed the most drugs to their patients, Čarnogurský said he was not going to make the judges' names public.

"It's an internal matter and judges must work independently without such indirect public pressures," Čarnogurský said.

The result of the internal investigation will be known in two weeks, and depending on the findings the ministry will decide which judges will have to account for their ineffectiveness in disciplinary proceedings.

The minister also said that beginning in May this year all regional courts will have to appoint spokesmen who will regularly report on important cases.

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