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Nurses leaving for Netherlands

THE FIRST group of 90 Slovaks will leave for the Netherlands in May to work there as care assistants mainly in retirement homes.

The Dutch project, which started at the end of last year, focuses on recruiting unemployed Slovak nurses. Before they are sent to the Netherlands all applicants must undergo special training organised in Poprad.

Compared to the average wage of Slovak nurses, around Sk7,500 ($155) a month, the staff recruited to the Netherlands will make around Sk50,000 ($1,033).

Head of the Holland Educational Institute in Poprad Ján Puhalla said that the money was indeed a motive for mainly young people who spoke foreign languages to venture to the Netherlands.

The caretakers will spend two years in Holland and will continue to be trained. At the end of the term all will receive a professional certificate recognised in the European Union.

Puhalla said that around 300 people will be trained in the first phase of the pioneer project. Among the first 90 caretakers there are 13 men.

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