Reader feedback: Sick of US pressure on Slovak voters

Dear Editor,

I am getting the impression here that the US wants to put the Slovak voter under pressure ["US says HZDS unacceptable" News Briefs, March 4 - 10, 2002, Vol. 8, No. 8].

Are we getting a prescription here of who to vote for, Mr Burns? Would you not rather say that "no matter who Slovak people vote for in this election, their after-election government should be accepted by NATO"? I think the HZDS is going to win the majority in the September's elections, but did Mr Burns think about the 70 per cent of Slovaks who do not support the HZDS? Are these people going to be told off and turned away from Nato membership just because one third of the country votes for someone the US and Nato do not like? What kind of a mess is that? Where are your democratic principles, Mr Burns?

Roman Hoferek

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