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Media in USA lecture
Cecil Beaton, the 'dandy' photographer
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British Council bids farewell to director Sue Wallace - Shaddad

Media in USA lecture

What is the role of the media in society? What restrictions, if any, should there be on the media? How does the role of the media in the United States compare with its role in other countries? What are the benefits and drawbacks of these various systems?

These are some of the issues which will be addressed during a presentation called Media and Society. Nancy Bredlinger, a Fullbright Scholar and Associate Professor from Bowling Green State University in the US will explore the role of the media in a democtratic society and compare and contrast her perspectives of media in the United States and other countries. The presentation will take place on Wednesday, December 2 at 18:00. It will be held in the American studies room at the University Library on Michalská 1 in Bratislava's Old Town. The lecture will be in English with Slovak translation.

Cecil Beaton, the 'dandy' photographer

Though The Month of Photography 1998 is officially over, picture buffs still have a chance to see the work of one of the best British fashion photographers, Cecil Beaton. After holding an exhibition at the House of Photography in northern Slovakia's Poprad earlier this year, Beaton's work has moved to Bratislava.

Beaton is hailed as one of the first truly international media artists, having shot starlets in Hollywood, painters in Paris, fashion models in New York and pop stars in London. No other British photographer can rival Beaton in the range of genres or subjects his camera has covered in the course of six decades. From fashion photography to documentary and war reportage, Beaton took on a wide variety of assignments, some commercial, others personal, but all of which betray to some degree an element of the "dandy". Beaton's photographs reflect his highly refined sensibilities, and constitute a visual diary of the obsessions and yearnings of an aesthete. Slovak National Gallery, Rázusovo nábrežie 2, open daily except Mo 10:00-18:00. Ends December 20.

Study Guide

Are you still itching to study? This could be your lucky year in some foreign country. The Slovak Academic Information Agency and Service Centre for the Third Sector have published a complete guide to study in western Europe, the US, Australia and Japan. The guide contains complete infomation about costs, study subjects, accommodation and visa concerns. 18 countries are profiled in 202 pages, all for 100 Sk at all SAIA-SCTS centers in eight town of Slovakia. For further information contact SAIA-SCTS, Na vŕšku 8, P.O.BOX 108, 810 00 Bratislava, Tel.: 07-54 43 30 10 or e-mail:

British Council bids farewell to director Sue Wallace - Shaddad

After three years in office, British Council director Sue Shad-Wallace was set to leave Slovakia on November 30. For the next three months, her position will be taken over by Karen Gibblin, former vice-director. In February 1999, new director James McGrath, the former director of the British Coucil in Belgrade, Serbia, will take over the post.

Reflecting on her early months in Slovakia, Wallace - Shaddad said that "I didn't really have any difficulties living in Slovakia as I used to work in Poland before. After my arrival, my Slovak colleagues were very welcoming. I enjoyed my stay in Slovakia very much. All these years here I travelled a lot around Slovakia. Slovakia is little-known in other parts of Europe, so I could talk about this country to my friends. On the other hand, Bratislava is a small city, and I found it easy to meet people."

Wallace - Shaddad was also impressed by the students who attended Council courses, as well as by the cooperation she experienced in the cultural field. She added that "I can't see any difference between young students here in Slovakia and other countries, as these students are very open to education and have a great knowledge of the English language ".

On November 19, The British Council and Comenius University in Bratislava signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of education, natural science and lecture exchanges, which is set to take force in April 1999. On the occasion, Wallace - Shaddad was awarded a Memorial Medal by the University. The ceremony was attended by the new ambassador of Great Britain to Slovakia, David Lyscom. Last week, Lyscom held farewell parties at British Council locations in Banská Bystrica and Košice for the outgoing Wallace - Shaddad.

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