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Teenager dies in mountain fall
Radioactive material found in scrap iron
Broken bus blown with a kilo of danubit
Juveniles rob contemporary

Teenager dies in mountain fall

Fifteen year-old Peter B. died on a trip in the High Tatras mountain range on November 14. According to the report of the Mountain Rescue Service, a group of teenagers set out on a trek despite the fact that all paths except those leading to mountain chalets have been closed to tourists since November 1.
The report revealed that the young boys planned to ascend Končistá peak (2,535m). On the way up, however, Peter B. lost his balance and fell some 20 metres down the hill, where his friends found him dead.

Radioactive material found in scrap iron

Quality controllers in Železiarne Podbrezová, an iron works company, discovered radioactive material on November 14 in scrap iron brought to the company by a railway freight car for further processing. The scrap was sent to Podbrezová by central Slovakia's Martin-based machinery corporation Závod 06.
According to scientific analysis, the amount of radiation exceeded acceptable transportation standards by a large margin, but was not at a level dangerous to human health.
In connection with the case, the State Health Institute in Banská Bystrica summoned a meeting of a commission composed of representatives of railway authorities, railway police, as well as the civil defence department and Železiarne Podbrezová. The commission decided to take the scrap to the Refuse Material Scrap Yard in Banská Bystrica.
Experts discovered that the source of the radioactive material was one component in an agricultural machine made from contaminated steel. The device had been imported from the Czech Republic.

Broken bus blown with a kilo of danubit

On November 13, a broken bus, parked near the house of its owner in the southern Slovak village of Pavlovice, was blown up with approximately one kilogram of "danubit", a plastic explosive used for industrial detonations. The explosive had been placed under the rear of the vehicle, and had been set off by an unknown person. Damages caused by the explosion amounted to 150,000 Sk ($4,200).

Juveniles rob contemporary

Five Slovak crowns (approx. 15 cents) was the sum requested by two boys from their eleven year-old contemporary in Lučenec, a small town in southern Slovakia. The victim of the robbery was scared of being attacked, so to secure his safety, he gave 10 Sk to his muggers, twice as much as the boys had asked for. The case was reported by the Banská Bystrica Police headquarters.

Compiled by Ivan Remiaš

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