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Am-Cham October Business Cocktail
Oldies' Parties at Hotel Tatra
New English-language library

Am-Cham October Business Cocktail

After the successful September Am-Cham cocktail held at the Hotel Danube, another such event will be staged on October 29 at 18:00. But beware - the party will not be held at the usual Panorama room at the Danube, but at the Jungle Café, a newly-opened Mexican restaurant at 42 Obchodná Street in Bratislava. Jungle Café is sponsoring the event, and apart from a great atmosphere, offers guests complimentary hors-d'oeuvres and half price drinks. Everyone is welcome!

Oldies' Parties at Hotel Tatra

Bratislava's Hotel Tatra ('Tatry' is the name of a mountain range in northern Slovakia), in cooperation with Trnava's Rádio Forte, has decided to add a little pepper to night life in the capital. As of the beginning of October, the hotel has been hosting a series of "Oldies' Discos and Parties" for the middle generation, featuring music from the 60's to the 80's every Friday. Apart from these regular discos, the hotel will hold special events centred on specific themes such as the Beatles (October 30) followed by the Elvis Presley Party on November 27.

Since 1930, Hotel Tatra has been staging entertainment programmes at the Tatra Cabaret or the Tatra Revue, a famous former night club featuring the best Slovak actors, music groups and singers. Oldies' Parties will take place in new opened "Tatra Hall", a congress hall located in the centre of Bratislava. The hotel is part of a complex that includes the Tatra Cinema and Studio "S" Theatre. Admission is 150 Sk, which includes a bottle of wine and 50 Sk worth of food off the menu (ie. a plate of french fries). Námestie 1 maja 5, tel.: 536-1654.

New English-language library

On October 16, the Martina Hattalu Gymnázium (secondary school) in Trstená, a small town in the Orava region of northern Slovakia, opened an English-language Media Resource Centre (MRC) a project implemented by the English department and chaired by Daniela Dobiašová along with Peace Corps volunteer Jennifer Holling. As an English-language library, the MRC is stocked with fiction, classic literature and various multi-media resources, and offers videos for rent as well as the use of computers. Partially funded by a USAID Small Projects Assistance grant, the MRC also has the support of the local community. Membership in the MRC is open not only to students of the school but also to members of the general public who have an interest in English. The MRC plans to hold film screenings and to organize a conservation club.

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