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A very naughty boy

Outgoing Slovak Premier Vladimír Mečiar has been carried away by deeply buried childhood animosities towards authority figures. The latest targets of his rage are the academic community and the average Slovak citizen, who told the Premier in no uncertain terms to share his toys with the opposition.
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Kiska stays away from parliamentary politics

President Kiska has dispersed all questions surrounding his future in politics before Easter, when he announced he was not planning to run for parliament.

Andrej Kiska does not want to walk down the path of party politics.

Danko’s office opens MPs’ letters

OĽaNO wants Danko to step down as parliament’s speaker after what they call an unprecedented measure.

Igor Matovič (l) and Ján Budaj (r)

Train travel to Košice via south to return

The Transport Ministry will restore the operation of fast trains on the southern route as of June.

Government ignores anticorruption demands Photo

Protesters gave the government two weeks to fulfil their demands.