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The Slovak Spectator hosts open cocktail party
British Council sponsors concerts
International Women's Club presents coffee mornings
English club reignites

The Slovak Spectator hosts open cocktail party

The Spectator crew (some of them pictured above) invites all comers to a business cocktail evening on the fifth floor of the Danube Hotel in Bratislava on September 24 at 18:00.
Slavomír Danko

* The Slovak Spectator and the American Chamber of Commerce invite one and all to a "Business Cocktail" party at the Hotel Danube's fifth floor Panorama Room on September 24th at 18:00. Everyone is invited, and encouraged to dip into the punch on the last night before national elections.

British Council sponsors concerts

* The British Council in conjunction with the State Philharmonic in Košice is supporting a series of concert performances by organist Thomas Trotter, who will be playing during the International Organ Festival from September 17 to 28 at Dom umenia in Košice. Trotter was appointed Birmingham City Organist in 1983, succeeding Sir George Thalben-Bal, and appears regularly with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. He plays on September 23 at 20:00 at St. Egidius Cathedral in Bardejov, and on September 24 at 20:00 at the beautiful St. Elizabeth Cathedral in Košice. For ticket information call 095-6220-763.

International Women's Club presents coffee mornings

* Making new friends, starting new hobbies and socialising is the heart and soul of every good social club, and the International Women's Club in Bratislava is no different. Based at Bratislava's Hotel Danube, the IWC is continuing with their weekly Coffee Mornings, which will be held every Tuesday from 10:30 to 12:00 at Hotel Danube. You can enjoy cakes, coffee and conversation. Check at the reception desk for the exact location as the room changes from week to week. Children are welcome.

If you are new in town and would like to share your experiences with a couple of new friends, then join the Sightseeing guided tour of Bratislava, which will be held on Wednesday, September 23. The meeting point is Hotel Danube at 10:00. You should confirm by calling Marina Fiedler at 07-373 320. Another activityorganised by the IWC is the Pre-School Play Group, which runs on Wednesday mornings. The group meets between 09:30 and 12:00, each week at different homes. All mothers with children up to 3 years are welcome. There are 2 meetings in the month of September - 23 September and 30 September. Queries and suggestions can be put to Suzanne von Brocke at 07-377 359 or Zora Groholova at 07-391 094.

Another popular IWC activity is the Wine Club, which is nearing its first anniversary. Wine tastings start again on Saturday September 26 at a newly discovered haunt called Chateau Hedervar in Hungary. Apart from its wine-production facilities, the chateau is a nice setting for wine tasting and dinner . The next three wine tastings will be held at different places and will feature various wine producers. Each ticket includes a 5 course meal as well as wine. For information contact Debbie Puchner, the new president of IWC, at 07-3789-445 or 0903-45 77 55.

English club reignites

* The new school year is upon us, bringing new ways to fill our free time. The English Speakers' Club on Námestie SNP in Banská Bystrica will re-open its doors as of October. Bystrica's cosmopolitan elements will get together every Wednesday from 19:00 to around midnight to chew the fat on every topic possible with students and the English-speaking community. Topics will include business, advertising, public relations and American culture. Former lecturer and Speakers' Club mainstay Sotha Lor has returned to the US, so another Peace Corps volunteer, 40 year-old business lecturer Jessy Senders, has taken over the classes. Jessy decided that his Matej Bel University students needed extra help with their conversational English, as well as on topics such as the etiquette of foreign countries or business related subjects.

The English Club was formed for friendly meetings in the Zlatý Bažant pub on Námestie SNP, where people could chat or discuss serious topics, have a nice cup of coffee or a beer. It gives students an opportunity to exchange ideas on cultural experiences in Slovakia and to meet the native English speakers in town. For information call Mr. Jessy Senders, Tel.: 088-4147-260

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