The Big Lebowski
Česká Sóda
Citizen Kane
The X Files
Wag the Dog

Big Lebowski - Coen humour to spare

Obzor, Wilsonova 1
Tel.: 397-522
17-23 September 15.30, 18, 20.30

The Big Lebowski is about men with balls. Bowling balls, to be exact. Large, colorful and - in a pinch - handy as a weapon. It's also about 15-year-old car thieves who are failing social studies, skinny German nihilists bearing angry marmots, topless beach bimbos, severed toes and music appreciation (Creedence vs. Eagles). This mind-blowing megillah is narrated by a cowpoke with a drawl as thick as tobacco spit and unfolds in Los Angeles, mostly at a bowling alley, during the Persian Gulf War. Not only that, it's a noir send-up. Call it L.A. Inconsequential.
Jeff Bridges stars as the Dude, a.k.a. the lesser Lebowski. He's a mellow-yellow '70s throwback who likes to chug White Russians, smoke weed and hang with his bowling buds, walking non sequitur Donny (Steve Buscemi) and volcanic Vietnam vet Walter, who spews profanity and paranoid logic like stray bullets (John Goodman, never better or louder).


Česká Sóda (SC)

Václav Havel and Miloš Zeman are stars of Czech parody.

Charlie Centre
Špitálska 4, Tel.: 363-396
Ends 30.9: 18:00

Citizen Kane

Debut of Orson Wells film.
Free admission!
901 Film Club, Račianska 59 16.9:18:00, 20.30

The X Files

People uninitiated in X-Files lore can enjoy movie,
Ymca, Karpatská 2, Tel.: 398-788
Ends 23.9: 15.30, 18:00, 20.30

Wag the Dog

Great parody of American style.
Charlie Centre
Špitálska 4, Tel.: 363-396
Ends 30.9: 18:00

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