Eye on Vienna

* MAK Gallery - Liz Larner - dimensional sculptures. I thought I saw a pussy cat describes a three dimensional sculptural pattern that disguises itself with colour, but the disguise is more perceivable than the pattern. Since the end of the 80s Liz Larner who lives in LA, has been exclusively concerned with sculpture and the spatial and material experience of sculptural form. From May 13 to July 26
* MAK Centre-Prima Vista-20th century Purchases and Gifts. Extravagant dresses from the 20's, colorful fabrics and plastic bags from the 50's, eccentric hats and accessories provide insights into 20th century fashion and textile design. Ends June 28
* Kunsforum Bank Austria - From Monet to Picasso. Freyung 8, Tel. 01 711 91 57 43. Open daily 10-6pm, Thur 10-9pm. Ends June 28.


* Elton John and Billy Joel. Tickets cost 490 to 990 ATS ($40 -80). Tickets also available for 780 to 1200 Sk at all Satur Travel agencies and the Pavian Music store located on Panská street in Bratislava.
* The Rolling Stones. Tickets cost 559 ATS ($45) Tickets also available for 999 Sk at all Satur Travel agencies and the Pavian Music store located on Panská street in Bratislava.
For tickets and information call Ticket Express in Vienna at Tel. (0043) 1/1793 or call Satur Travel agency in Bratislava.
* Jazz Festival - Van Morrison, James Brown. Tickets cost 360 to 480 ATS ($ 28-38)

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