Around Trenčín

It's worth making the 60 kilometer trip from Trenčín toward Banovce nad Bebravou to delve into Slovakia's historical past. Once you will spot the ruins of a Roman castle in Uhrovske Podhradie, continue on and in a few minutes you are in Uhrovec, a small village but one well known throughout the country. It was here, on October 29, 1815, that Ľudovít Štur was born. A prominent personality during the Slovak political and literary enlightenment, he established literary norms for the Slovak language. His native home, built in typical village-style architecture, was reconstructed and designated as a national cultural heritage site: nowadays it is the seat of Slovakia's Literary Museum. Worth seeing is also the Renaissance manor nearby.

Some 100 years after Štur's birth, the village of Uhrovec gave Slovakia another great figure - Alexander Dubček. This modest man was the originator of the 1968 Prague Spring (a struggle for the reform of communism). Although Dubček became the symbol of freedom and independence, he was strongly against the division of Czechoslovakia. He died from injuries suffered in a car accident in 1992. Had he lived, Slovakia's development would surely have followed a different path.

Travel Tips

By Car - From Bratislava take the four-lane E75 highway north about 90 km. After Nové Mesto nad Vahom the highway turns into a slow two lane affair through tiny villages. Travel time takes 2 hours.

Hotel TATRA, Trencin, ul. gen. M.R. Stefanika, tel. 0831/ 506 111,506 102 The historic 70 room hotel built in 1901, located in the centre of the city at the base of the castle, was painstakenly restored to its original condition. Hotel offers: specialities of Slovak and international cuisine in the Restaurant TATRA, entertainment with music in the Winecellar VICTORIA, pleasant atmosphere in the Cafe SISSI, a choice of famous crystal glass in its own boutique. Prices: double room 1,300 Sk for Slovaks, 2,200 Sk for foreigners, a suite 1,600 for Slovaks, 3,200 for foreigners. Kids up to 12 years free. Breakfast included.

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