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Return from the grave

IF IT does not stop raining soon, the northern Slovak village of Kľače could soon be buried under its own dead, a local mayor says.

The town cemetery, which is unstable and sits on a slope above city hall, the main road and several private houses, is feared ready to come down. A minor land slide in 2000 caused some graves to shift down the hill, but the slope has since then not been buttressed to prevent further slides.

"After several blizzards this winter the ground is very unstable and wet. One good rain will be enough to send some 24 graves right onto our heads," said Kľače mayor Helena Bieliková.

She said that although she was doing her best to prevent from the worst, Kľače needed around Sk3 million ($62,500) to build a retaining wall around the cemetery. The village's annual budget is Sk1 million ($21,000).

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