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Reader feedback: Dear citizen Mečiar...

It's about time to bow out of politics ["Nato erases any doubt over Mečiar", by Tom Nicholson, March 11 - 17, Vol.8, No.9]. The time has come for a small mouse to scream and make itself heard in European politics. That chest of yours that you are beating about being a Slovak patriot sounds hollow: today there are no longer dark clouds over Kriváň. No longer. Believe it or not, we are part of CENTRAL Europe and the majority of Slovaks DO want to be part of it. The fight against dragons is over. No more Tiso's, no more Rákocy's. The battle is over. Two thousand years of suffering is over. Let's let our children enjoy the sunshine of European prosperity after the storm. Citizen Mečiar - populism is dead (look at Yugoslavia). Join the modern world and let Slovakia prosper. But keep your umbrella open: the next flash of lightning from Kriváň might strike you for all your selfish deeds. Remember the dinosaurs!

Vik Balusik

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