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Reader feedback: I agree

Vik, that was a very good summary and message to Mečiar. The trouble is that Mečiar does not possess this rationale. As he sees it, he is Slovakia (l'état, c'est moi), so anyone who is against him is against Slovakia; if Nato does not want him, then Nato does not want Slovakia and so forth.

It is very unfortunate for Slovakia that elections have to take place just before this business with Nato and the EU, that the Hungarians are using an anachronistic and unilateral cross-border law at a very inconvenient time, and that the non-Mečiar parties are too divided to form a solid front. Other Visegrad countries do not carry the burden of a character like Mečiar.

Slovakia has only half a year to come up with a charismatic strongman to ensure a happy ending.

Jana Ježová

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