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Slovak jazzman among top world musicians

It's a big honour for swing musicians to receive an honorary citizenship of New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. Slovak-born bassist Ján Jankeje, highly respected within European jazz circles, has just received such an honour.

Jankeje joins a group of legendary musicians such as Ray Charles, Wynton Marsalis, Liza Minelli and Sonny Rollings. Mississipi-Delta annually awards the title to five people who have been the most active on the jazz scene.

Jankeje has performed with such greats as the late trumpeter Doc Cheatham and alt-saxophonist Benny Waters. He played also with Swing Himmel, Charly Antolini, Oscar Klein, as well as Slovak legend Dodo Šošoka. Besides scoring music for films, and discovering guitarist and child prodigy Bireh Lagrene, Jankeje has been the house bassist and producer for the German Jazzpoint record label.

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