Ombudsman a former red

OMBUDSMAN Pavel Kandráč, who was elected to the post in a secret ballot in parliament last week, was a member of the Slovak Communist Party nomenclature.

A former student of Kandráč from the Law Faculty in Bratislava said Kandráč used to recruit young communists to the party from among the student body.

"He asked me to become a member of the party. He was responsible for recruitment at school. I refused. Kandráč then left a message for me that in that case I had no business at an ideological school like the Law Faculty," said an anonymous source quoted by the daily Sme.

Kandráč does not deny his past. "I was a member of a committee responsible for educational activities," the ombudsman said.

The newly elected protector of human rights said he had not prepared himself to carry out his new job. "I didn't count on being elected, so I didn't prepare for the function. But it's not such a complicated job that a lawyer couldn't handle," he said.

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