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Reader feedback: What is the legal status of Beneš Decrees?

The Beneš Decrees and their status have been a subject on not just The Slovak Spectator readers' comments but on many Slovak boards.

I am sure that I am not the only one who has trawled through hundreds of pages (in vain) to find out the exact legal status of the Decrees in Slovakia. I humbly request that the journalistic team at Slovak Spectator report on the Beneš decrees focusing on their legal status (is it really in the constitution? - as claimed by some) and give some balanced commentary regarding their removal in terms of processes required and the difficulties of whatever type may be involved in doing so.

It is a delicate subject but I feel some balanced reporting on the issue would certainly not go amiss for individuals like myself who want to understand more than just the partisan positions involved.

Michele Bailey

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