Reader Feedback: Re: Another US warning on Mečiar, News Briefs, Vol. 8 No. 11, March 25-31

I am an American, and while I don't believe that the US should be involved in Slovak politics, I understand why they are. What has happened in the past is that the United States ignored what was going on in the world and left everyone to do their thing. Want to put Hitler in power? Fine we don't care. Want Stalin to run things? Great, knock yourself out.

What inevitably happens in the world is this: Someone puts a Hitler, Stalin, Saddam or Pol Pot in power, and then expects the United States to come and send our sons, fathers, brothers, and now mothers and sisters, to fix everyone else's problems that they didn't want us to fix before.

Every country on the planet supports candidates in other countries that are friendly to their country's position. The Pakistani government supports the Pashtoons in Afghanistan, the Russians have supported everyone from the Cubans and the Nicaraguan communists to the Koreans and the Vietnamese. This idea that the United States should be the only country that is politically non-affiliated is not only a fantasy, it is hypocritical. We are living in a world that is getting closer to the day when every country has a nuclear weapon. Since we all live in this world I would hope we would be a little more concerned with who gets put into power everywhere in the world. Is there anyone out there that wants Saddam with a hydrogen bomb and a missile that can carry it anywhere in the world?

To people who don't like the Americans, great for you, take a number and get in line, everyone hates us. But don't forget: Every country in the UN voted to aid Somalia, but only Americans died there. Not one Slovak died or fought there, but they were all for Americans going there.


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