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Scribbling his way into the record books

VLADIMÍR Jurišta's dream came true after he produced a handwritten 100-page volume of text in 24 hours, a performance that deserved him an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Jurišta, 55, wrote on a subject that he had randomly chosen. His script tells a story from the year 1512 about a bloodthirsty and despotic ruler named Hyenas I. During the record attempt, Jurišta was allowed to take a five minute break once every hour. Jury member Petr Taks said that Jurišta's book will be published.

In 1981, Jurišta wrote a detective novel entitled A Trap for Sivý (Pasca na Sivého) in 18 hours, but communists blocked its entry into the Guinness Book. Originally wanting to be a journalist, Jurišta never made it as a reporter and worked in the Czech Třinec mines for 20 years.

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