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Letter to the Editor: Arab protest misses point

RE: "Arab residents protest for peace in Palestine", By Ed Holt, Vol. 8 No. 14, April 15-21.

WHAT were these people protesting against? Was it the right of Israel to defend itself from terrorists who are led and encouraged by Yasser Arafat? Does Arafat's urging people to fight "to the last drop of blood" help to bring about peace?

I think a basic review of history is in order here. First, there are no Palestinians, because there is no nation of Palestine. There are only Arab people in the occupied territories. The Israelis conquered these territories in response to wars waged upon them by most of the Arabic countries around them. Likewise, the incessant terrorist attacks upon Israelis that Arafat and the rest of the Arab world support are what keep the conflict going.

The protesters wanted to make Slovaks more aware of the conflict, huh? So why were there no signs at the rally saying, "Our hero Yasser Arafat is a terrorist and condones terrorism!", "Israel has been fighting for its survival as a nation for over 50 years because our fellow Arabs continue to attack it!", or "We think it's OK to use terrorism, tell lies, and pretend to be victims in order to gain political legitimacy!" Now THAT would have raised awareness!

Eric M. Roberts

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