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Letter to the Editor: Don't expect much from politicians

Re: "None the wiser for notebooks", News Shorts, Vol. 8 No. 14, April 15-21.

IT IS neither wise nor fair to assume that people who often have problems choosing the right button out of the three they have on their desks in parliament will not get frustrated when they see a keyboard with 60 or more 'buttons'. No kidding, there were instances when some MP's claimed they had pushed the 'wrong' buttons when a crucial law was being passed and they voted against their party mates. Maybe we - the public - could set up a foundation that would help Slovak MP's learn how to use a computer. We'll call it A Movement for a Literate Politician' and, if we put together a decent programme, I'm sure some western NGO will dump in a few million bucks to back us. Any volunteers?


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