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Aqua park coming to Poprad

A SLOVENIAN company has announced plans to build a water park in Poprad, a popular tourist destination under the High Tatras mountain range. "We have discussed some differences in opinions on the aquapark project and settled the disputed issues," said Poprad construction commission chairman Milan Jurčo on April 15.

While the project will be worked out by the Slovenian investor, Sloving, the Poprad municipality will provide a 7.6-hectare area and an existing geothermal well. An environmental impact study must also be prepared and will take around one year to carry out, said Poprad municipal officials. Sloving is expected to present a definite project plan and contract by April 24. Construction should begin in early 2004 and be completed within 18 months.

Sloving, which initiated the project in late 2001, plans to invest 1.65 million euros in the first stage, including the construction of a pyramid, several swimming pools with water toboggans and parking lots. Second and third stage construction will include more open-air swimming pools, hotel facilities and an entertainment park.

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