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Knight's wedding
Rats in the city
What fun
A bad end

Knight's wedding

PETER Móric walks with the 'lady of the castle' to the altar.
photo: TASR

THE WEDDING attire of Peter Móric, 27, from Martin attracted some curious looks last April 13.
Although his wife Lýdia wore a traditional white dress, Peter chose a heavy 25 kilogram ensemble modelled after the fighting attire worn by knights in the 30 Years War of the 17th century.
Móric said he has always been fascinated by knights. "I don't know when it started but ever since I can remember, I always wanted to wear armour."
Lýdia said she liked the non-traditional wedding attire sported by her husband: "Peťo behaves and has always behaved like a knight."
Upon their arrival to the Strečno castle, where the wedding ceremony took place, the couple was welcomed by fanfare and shots from heavy artillery.
One local stated: "Well, this wedding is one we'll definitely not forget."

Banská Bystrica
Rats in the city

CENTRAL Banská Bystrica natives say the town is flooded with rats.
City hall officials stated that it is not unusual to see rats roaming the busy streets of the city.
"We use rat poison in the areas where there are many of them, and it's probably the dazed ones who don't fear walking on busy streets," said Viera Kleinertová, environment section employee with the Banská Bystrica city hall.
She added that locals need not fear being overrun by the rodents as the city has taken all the necessary measures. The last time the city saw a dramatic increase in rats was in 1994.

Malé Držkovce
What fun

SHOOTING "just for fun", as 50-year-old Stanislav from Malé Držkovce described his careless use of a gun, almost ended fatally for his neighbour, whom he shot in the chest.
Stanislav was killing time by shooting from his legally-owned small calibre handgun into the fields around his house. He ended up hitting his 53-year-old neighbour Michal, whose wound will take four weeks in hospital to cure.
Lenka Bušová from Trenčín regional police said Stanislav will "very likely lose his gun permit and faces charges of causing bodily harm".
Arms licenses in the last decade have doubled to 121,280 last year as more and more Slovaks take advantage of new freedom to own firearms.

A bad end

A 38-YEAR-OLD child-abuser hung himself using his T-shirt in a custody cell.
Police said that the man from the central Slovak town of Handlová had been in custody for two days since April 8 on charges of child sexual abuse, and if found guilty was facing up to 10 years in prison.
He had allegedly been molesting his 17-year-old daughter for the last four years, and was reported to the police by his wife.
The wife found out about the abuse last year, but failed to report her husband, who had promised her that he would stop molesting the girl. She informed the police when she discovered that he had not kept his word.
The abuse apparently began with fondling but progressed, police said.

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