Letter to the Editor: A misleading piece on visas

Dear Editor,

I refer to the article regarding visas ["Reminder for foreign visitors", Business Diary, Vol.8, No.15, April 22-28], in which you say all foreigners require proof of medical insurance to enter Slovakia. I am British, intending to study on an international course in Košice.

The article is highly misleading. Britain has a "Reciprocal Health Care Agreement" with Slovakia, by which a British passport confers the right to hospital cover and other medical expenses. Thus I trust we (Brits) do not need to prove any further medical insurance. The police have been exceptional in their ability to avoid giving any answer as to what is now required of us.

Just how should I go about obtaining the required visa? The statements so far have said I would only need proof of study place and of accommodation (and medical insurance - see above).The subject of finances referred to in the article sounds absurd, especially for a student. I couldn't spend that much in a day if I tried. When I enquired further, I was told to wait until after 7th April, by which time the police would have full guidelines as to how to implement the new laws. The embassies and police have done a superb job of avoiding the issue ever since, not turning up to agreed meetings, etc.

I should be most grateful if you can obtain a satisfactory reply, and perhaps publish your findings as well, so all Brits and EU citizens can benefit and be thankful of your persistence.

David Radford

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